Shodokan  Brisbane Dojo 
 Oceania Aikido Kyougi Renmei, Honbu Dojo

About Us


Our Founding

Founded by our Chief Instructor  Higgs sensei in 2004 at another location in central Brisbane on a visit here from Japan, it morphed into its current location at Coorparoo  in 2012 as the current purpose built full-time aikido training dojo. Its opening event was a Training Camp by Nariyama Tetsuro 8th dan from Shodokan Honbu in Osaka. 
Our Heritage
Tomiki Kenji, the founder of our school of aikido came to Australia in 1977 with his wife Fusae and assistant Shishida Fumiaki and at that time promoted our chief instructor Higgs sensei to 2nd dan and also invited him to study aikido in Japan. Higgs sensei attained that dream in 1979 just after Tomiki died and was handed to Nariyama Tetsuro of Shodokan upon his arrival in Tokyo.
Nariyama shihan the head of Shodokan Honbu was our chief instructor's teacher from 1979 till 2006 while he lived in Japan. Higgs sensei was also taught, licenced and graded by Oba sensei 8th dan, Tomiki sensei's successor and also took instruction from Kobayashi Hirokazu of the Osaka Aikikai whilst they were both alive.
Shodokan Honbu was  created  by our founder Tomiki Kenji in 1972 and was for a time the Kansai honbu of the Japan Aikido Association until Shodokan and the JAA parted ways in 2011.
Our Chief instructor Higgs sensei has had a successful competitive career in Japan, receiving many awards including All Japan Champion in Kata enbu twice (1983 and 1985) and a 2nd place in Randori shia at the All Japan Championships 1987 amongst many others.

Our Community

Our dojo retains its links to both Shodokan Honbu in Osaka and the new JAA in Tokyo.
Shodokan Brisbane is an accredited club of the Oceania Aikido Kyougi Renmei (OAKR) our regional peak body, which is also a founding member of the recently formed Worlwide Sports Aikido Federation, our world body for the competitive sport of Aikido. Our Chief Instructor Higgs sensei is a permanent director on the board of both peak organisations.
Instructors Department (Shidou Bu)
          Alan Meara 3rd dan                Peter Howie 3rd dan            Kevin Tamashiro  3rd Dan           John Edwards 2nd Dan



CHIEF INSTRUCTOR   Shodokan Brisbane
    Alan Higgs 6TH DAN

Japan Aikido Association 2006

    The Bushi Code of Honour
   Gi                                    Rectitude
   Yu                                   Courage
   Jin                                   Benevolence
   Rei                                  Respect
   Makoto                           Honesty
   Meiyo                              Honour
   Chugi                              Loyalty
I have no Divine Power, I make Honesty My Divine Power
I have no Magic Power, I make Personality my Magic Power
I have no Miracles, I make Righteous Laws my Miracles
I have no Armour, I make Benevolence my Armour
I have no Sword, I make Tranquility (mu) my Sword
Bushido, My Life, My Path, My Soul.